Bosch LBB 1925/10

753,90  HT

Préamplificateur système à six zones, avec fonctionnement à un ou deux canaux
Deux canaux d’entrée pour les pupitres d’appel
Entrée universelle pour microphone/ligne, avec contrôle de tonalité optimisé pour la parole


Présentation du produit

The Plena system pre-amplifier is a versatile, high- performance unit with call and mono BGM (background music). It fulfills a wide variety of public address requirements at a surprisingly low cost. It can provide dual channel operation for simultaneous calls and BGM for up to six different zones, using two Plena amplifiers.


The call channel provides two inputs for the Plena call stations, LBB 1941/00 (all-call) or LBB 1946/00 (six- zone), with loop-through capability, and universal, balanced input. One is a 3-pin XLR connector for microphone or line level (selectable), and the other is a 5-pin DIN-connector with all-call priority contact, which may also be used to start one of the available chime attention signals.

The microphone input has a selectable speech filter for improved intelligibility, a volume control, and bass and treble tone controls with shelving characteristics optimized for speech. The call channel is available on the balanced XLR master output.

The BGM channel provides three inputs on stereo cinch-connectors, converted to mono, with front panel selection, volume control and bass and treble tone controls with shelving characteristics optimized for music. The BGM channel has a direct output on balanced XLR for dual channel operation. It can also feed the master output, with the lowest priority, for single channel operation. Zone selector switches on the front panel control the BGM routing. An overload protected 24 VDC output provides power for driving external relays, often making an external power supply unnecessary.

An emergency/telephone input with signal level detector (VOX) and volume preset has the highest priority to all zones. Two trigger inputs (contact closure) activate alarm or time signals to pre-selected zones. Many different chime tones are available. A PC audio input with RS-232 control provides software controlled zone configuration, or automatic messaging in combination with the LBB 1965/00 Plena Message Manager. There are six levels of priority available for BGM, microphone, call stations, trigger inputs and emergency input. A set of relays directs the amplifier output(s) to different loudspeaker groups (zone switching).

Each zone has a tri-state control on the front panel that can turn it off, switch it to the call channel, or to the BGM channel. The all-call microphone input and emergency activation override the call station selection on the call channel. Each zone has separate priority overrides with preset volume levels. This assures an appropriate message volume, independent of any local volume settings, such as for BGM. Both three-wire and four-wire override schemes are supported. An override also activates a voltage-free contact (call-active) available for external control and monitoring. The master output channel, or one of the input channels, can be monitored through the headphone connector and/or the LED VU-meter.

Main Features
  • Six-zone system pre-amplifier, with single or dual channel operation
  • Two input channels for call stations
  • Universal input for microphone/line, with speech optimized tone control
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