Bosch Audio PVA-2P500 PAVIRO Series 2 x 500W Class D Power

Augmente la force d’un signal électrique faible sans affecter les autres caractéristiques
Apaisez-vous avec des sous-marins bas et des voix montantes à une fréquence de 50 Hz à 25 kHz
Présente 2 canaux audio

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Présentation du produit

The PVA-2P500 class-D amplifier is a 2 x500 W professional audio amplifier for evacuation purposes. It can be operated from both the mains and a DC supply. The output voltage is galvanically insulated and is constantly monitored for ground fault. An energy- saving mode and temperature-controlled fans reduce energy consumption and noise levels. The control and monitoring functions are performed via CAN bus. This amplifier is designed for operation in an emergency evacuation system. The amplifiers are usually controlled via a controller and configured using IRIS- Net.

The power amplifier is processor-controlled and equipped with extensive monitoring functions. Line monitoring for the CAN bus and for audio transmission allows line interruptions and short-circuits to be detected and indicated to the user.

Main Features
  • Increases the strength of a weak electrical signal without affecting other characteristics
  • Soothe yourself with low subs and soaring vocals at 50 Hz – 25 kHz frequency
  • Showcases 2 audio channels
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